Individual Education HOME Plan



The mission of Parents Ask is to transition parents of children with special needs from being Reactive to being Proactive by enhancing knowledge of Special Education / Disabilities and increasing collaboration between parents of children with special needs and schools resulting in Home Environments that support children as learners


There are countless different family structures that exist in the homes of a child with special needs. Some parents work all day, commute home and pick up their children from school or after care. Some family structures have one parent working and one parent staying home others are single parents or grandparents raising the child with special needs. The Parents Ask Initiative understands that every family, and every child, is unique. Regardless of the circumstances, parents and extended family members are challenged with balancing day-to-day responsibilities and with the desire to help their child with special needs.

Parents Ask Workshops were developed to assist parents in creating an “Individual Education HOME Plan” (IEHP) utilizing their home resources. The workshops encourage parents to select between 1-3 activities that support the IEP to do at home with their child.

homeplanflowchartWhy routines are good for children with disability

An organized and predictable home environment helps all children feel safe and secure, especially when things are stressful or when kids are going through difficult stages or experiences.

Family routines can also be a way for your child with disability to develop new skills. For example, if your child has a goal to work on communication skills and taking turns, you could remind him a few times during dinner that it’s his turn to talk about what happened at kindergarten.

Routines can be good for you too. They can free up time for you to think about other things and help you feel more organized. You can also use them to introduce fun family activities such as games nights or reading books together. Activities like these are good for relaxed family bonding and togetherness.