Parents Ask Article Contributors

Parents Ask would like to thank the following article contributors for sharing their knowledge with our readers:


Dr. Theresa Garfield Dorel – Assistant Professor in Special Education and Program Coordinator at Texas A&M University San Antonio

Dr. Ernest Thomas – Department of Educator and Leadership Preparation, Lecturer  at Texas A&M University San Antonio

Dr. Lydia Gerzel-Short – Assistant Professor of Education – Rockford University, Rockford Illinois

Dr. Esther Garza – Associate Professor of Education (Bilingual/ESL) – Texas Wesleyan University

Dr. Norma A. Guzmán = Associate Professor. Department of Teacher & Bilingual Education – Texas A&M – Kingsville

Tracy Speelman – Education and Program Services Manager in educational non-profit organization; Certified Adult Literacy Tutor Trainer for ESL and Basic Literacy; Certified Best Plus Oral Proficiency Tester; TABE Administrator.

Jeannette Robinson – Information Technology Specialist – Capella University

Wendy Esparza – Licensed Massage Therapist, Reflexology, Hydro-therapist – Milan Institute – San Antonio

Catherine Carreon – Special Education Advocate

Elina Terrill – Bexar County Dispute Resolution Center