Developing The Individual Education HOME Plan

Workshops are sponsored by community businesses and individuals who are committed to Parent Education and Parent Involvement



How can I Support My Child with Special Needs at Home? There are countless different family structures that exist in the homes of a child with special needs. Some parents work all day, commute home and pick up their children from school or after care. Some family structures have one parent working and one parent staying home others are single parents or grandparents raising the child with special needs. The Parents Ask Initiative understands that every family, and every child, is unique. Regardless of the circumstances, parents and extended family members are challenged with balancing day-to-day responsibilities and with the desire to help their child with special needs.

This workshop was developed to assist parents in creating an “Individual Education HOME Plan” (IEHP) utilizing their home resources. The workshops encourage parents to select between 1-3 activities that support the IEP to do at home with their child.

Identifying your Child’s Learning Style: This workshop helps parents identify how their child learns best: Everyone, learning disability or not, has their own unique learning style. Some children learn best by seeing or reading, others by listening, and still others by doing. this workshop focuses on helping parents identify their child’s primary learning style.

Strategies for Coping: The purpose of this workshop is to provide parents with coping strategies when they have a child with a disability. Being a parent can be both rewarding and challenging, even for parents of children without disabilities.  Households today often have two income earners. In some cases, parents are divorced, single parenting or step-families adding another dimension of stress and time in caring for children.  The expense and time it takes to raise a child is compounded when a child has a disability.  Children with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities may require additional time and expense to provide independent living and rehabilitative services. The stress of having a child with a developmental and/or intellectual disability can take a toll on parents and cause relationship stress. This workshop will provide parents with strategies and resources.

Why Become a Parent Leader? The purpose of this workshop is to assist parents and family members to begin thinking of themselves as leaders, and about the contributions and roles they and other parents can make in the education of their children. Sessions will focus on starting parents on the journey to understanding systems and building on existing systems structures


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